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From Resolution to Execution

Posted on January 9, 2015 | in Follow-Up, Leadership & Management | by

Remember those New Year’s Resolutions? How are you doing with your execution? No, not your personal execution for failing to execute, but in bringing your resolutions to reality!

Research tells us that fewer than 10% who make New Year’s resolutions succeed. Many probably blame it on their lack of willpower, but I believe lack of follow-up is more the root cause. Follow-up can be a simple system to keep the goal and plan in front of you, to remind yourself, to hold yourself accountable, and to adjust the course.

Formal business plans in a structured organization have a higher success rate because of accountability to a deliberate follow-up system. Individuals and leaders who deliver the best results are more disciplined at follow-up, which tells us something about dealing with our personal resolutions.

Knowing many struggle with execution, here are some tips:
• Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up: Design your personal follow-up system to make sure you are doing what you said you would do. Make the system friendly to your personal life.
• Find gentle mental reminders that work for you. Schedule five minutes on your calendar to review the plan. Is your plan visible? Use Post-its on the mirror, computer screen, or door.
• Find accountability partners with whom to share the plan and help you follow-up.
• Habits: Remember, it takes 40 days to change a habit, so the first failure doesn’t constitute complete failure. Changing habits includes failures, especially at the start, so be persistent. Never give up.
• Bring your challenge back to your purpose. I.E., How does your resolution fit with your purpose in life?

I believe anyone can succeed with their resolutions. Since you are reading this, I know you want to improve, so I believe you can do it with the right focus and the right follow-up.

This week, follow-up on your resolutions, plans, and goals. Adjust. Follow-up again. Never give up.
…And Pass It On!

Quote from Winston Churchill: “Never give up! Never, NEVER give up!”

"Really?! ...for violating my Resolutions?!"

“Really?! …for violating my Resolutions?!”

Note: FrontLine Focus will now be published twice monthly so I can give priority to the clients of my consulting business, FrontLine Industrial Consulting. I appreciate your readership and commit that I will continue to “Pass It On.”

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  1. YUE ZHAO says:

    It is so true! The first month of building a habit is so essential but the process is so painful! I always pay lots attention to “the first month”, trying to insist on the resolution. I think mostly when I try to accomplish something, the only enemy is myself!

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