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“FOCUS Madness”

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“March Madness” could appropriately be dubbed “Focus Madness.” The NCAA Basketball tournaments reveal a level of mental and physical intensity on the court, seemingly on the brink of madness.  Every touch, every move, and every point scored reveals an all-pervading focus to perform at the highest potential.  You can see it in their eyes!  During the game, the coach is constantly engaging the team, directing activities, reminding them of fundamentals, and keeping the players’ concentration high.

In any business, it is a given that your capable competition is very focused and has their own plan to win.  Like you, every team is passionate and loyal to their talent, products, and plans.  Winning depends on whoever connects the best talent, game plans, motivation, and execution.  The NCAA tournament reminds us that winning in sports, like business, is inextricably dependent upon the coach. If you are the leader, that’s you!

How does a leader capture and internalize an intensity of focus like “March Madness”? You have built the team over time, which has brought you far, or you both would not be here. With each new day, week, and year, the leader must deliver the results, and constantly improve. The Leader must rigorously:
Prepare and communicate a winning plan
Teach the fundamentals
Follow-up, reinforcing discipline to the basics and to the plan
Inspire a culture of mutual respect, strong values, and teamwork
Execute flawlessly
Motivate the team and individuals, knowing leadership is situational and personal
Build the team, talent, skills, and new ideas

March Madness is here! As in business, whoever is the best prepared and best focused will achieve their full potential, and win more games. From this, leaders can learn!

…And “Pass It On!”
Quote from Legendary UCLA Coach John Wooden: “The two qualities of friendship so important for a leader to possess and instill in team members are respect and camaradre. To me these are the most noteworthy characteristics of true friendship as it pertains to leadership.”

"Focus" Madness

“Focus” Madness

Special Sustainability Note: The US Zero Waste Business Council’s fourth Annual Conference is being held May 5 through 7.  Many businesses are leading the way by diverting over 90% of their waste from landfill, incineration, and the environment. This conference focuses on how Zero Waste can help the environment as well as contribute to a business’s financial health. Experts from a diverse range of industries will share innovative ideas, practical tools, and first-hand experiences with Zero Waste. The conference is at the Millennium Biltmore in Los Angeles.

To learn more and register, check out the USZWBC website at www.uszwbc.org, or visit the Elemental Impact website at www.elementalimpact.org. I will be there and hope you will be too.

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