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Don’t Waste Good!

Posted on November 29, 2013 | in Leadership & Management | by

Finding, developing, and utilizing good talent is one of the most exciting and fulfilling responsibilities of a leader.  On the flip side, wasting good talent is the worst leadership sin a manager can commit.

Excellent leaders select excellent talent, and then invest an inordinate amount of time developing, inspiring, and organizing them.  Successful leaders don’t waste good talent.  They coach their people to exploit and grow their unique talents and to perform at their maximum potential.

Our values, experiences, education, and passions develop over time to build an individual repertoire of talent, coming together to amass a level of competence to make quality judgments.  Quality judgment is the key to the Rosetta Stone of a leader’s success, both for their personal decisions and their team’s decisions.  It is gratifying to watch leaders bring together a team’s unique skills and passions with good judgment to deliver the right results.

To get the full effect, be sure to lean on the Human Resources team who must step up to their key in all of this…

  • To maintain a constant flow of good new talent to screen.
  • To effectively design, refine, and deploy a performance communications system that links and aligns everyone’s work to the business strategy.

Talent inside an organization is vast.  A leader’s job to cultivate and exploit that talent to the maximum potential!  That’s what leaders do.  Anything less is a waste as well as a leadership sin.  “Don’t Waste Good!”

… And Pass It On! 


Quote from Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs of TV show NCIS, after affectionately slapping Tony DiNozzo on the back of the head: “You’re good DiNozzo! Don’t waste good!”









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