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Intro to FrontLine Focus

During my exciting forty-plus year career moving to corporate vice president from laborer, supervisor, engineer, and manager, I was blessed to serve many brilliant bosses, peers, and workers.  Most were unselfish in sharing their vast experience and wisdom.   When leaving one position for another, I remember extending heartfelt gratitude to my colleagues, commenting, “I don’t know how I can ever pay you back.”  Their consistent reply was, “Yes you can! — Pass It On to others!”

My intent with the FrontLine Focus blog is to do just that, to Pass It On to today’s frontline leaders the Best Practices and experiences that have been shared with me.

The primary themes are framed around the FrontLine Focus PRISM:

FrontLine Focus PRISM

FrontLine Focus PRISM

  • Focus: Rigorously defining where and how to concentrate and organize resources.
  • Follow-Up: Formal and informal reviews to verify that what you think is happening is, in fact, really happening.  Follow-Up ensures the focus is intact and audits your personal leadership effectiveness.
  • Innovation: The relentless pursuit of everyone improving everything everywhere everyday, finding better products and better ways of doing the work.
  • Culture: The values, principles, beliefs, and behaviors inherent in an organization that drive judgment in decisions and actions.

The FrontLine Focus blog site design is such that:

  • It is issued every weekend, the timing intentional to help you begin your week.
  • All previous blogs are easily retrieved by category tab along the top of the site.
  • You can easily subscribe to automatic delivery through a secured server.
  • Easy interaction via “leave a comment” (which I hope you do!)

I would also appreciate you referring FrontLine Focus to your professional and personal colleagues at all levels.

While successful business strategies originate in the front office, the tactical work to bring plans to reality happens on the frontlines of operations and staff functions.   I trust that FrontLine Focus helps those at the frontlines as well as those at all levels of organizations, remembering that our purpose as leaders includes getting results as well as a duty to Pass It On.

Thank You,


Quote from Winston Churchill: “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”

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